Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gold coins

In the long long run, gold has proven to be a lousy investment. The reason to purchase gold coin now is to take advantage of a commodity bull market that still has a long way to go. But you want to purchase gold at the top of the bull market, and not be one of the fools who hung onto their gold in 1980 and watched all of their profits evaporate. This site also shows the different bullion available. They have similar symbols like coins. These symbols attract people to purchase bullion extent to buy bullion. To purchase gold coins are available in other new deigns and people have a wide range of selection to buy gold bullion.

These coins are not only available in gold but also in other precious metal like platinum. This site also gives information about the various investments that can be made for purchase gold bullion coins. This site tells about the different kinds of gold coins and gold bullion available. All these coins and bullion are said to have some popular symbols like Canadian maple leaf, liberty quarter eagle, Chinese gold panda.

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Carlton Ford said...

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platinum canadian maple leaf said...

These platinum bullion coins resemble their gold counterparts

Gold Chinese Panda said...

China's Panda series was one of the most successful bullion coins of the 1980's, see them on our page, we have a picture