Monday, September 14, 2009

Lace front wigs

Some of the finer hair systems are created with a fine mesh material which then has hairs attached to the mesh, put together a hair at a time. At lace front wigs , a transparent plastic type material is used to match the skin tones and it is attached to the skin. For the mesh part behind the leading hairline edge, the hairs are layered so that the fine mesh does not show. The transition from front to back of the system must be meticulously put together.

From any reasonable distance, a lace front wigs system looks like a normal head of hair and I complement the folks that made this system. Such hair systems are very expensive and take considerable maintenance to keep them attached to the scalp and to keep them clean and odor free. Maintenance means that the person wearing them comes into a special facility some get the lace front wigs to go to their home to get them washed, repositioned and/or reattached as the hair under the system grows and the skin turns over from normal growth.

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