Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nice out!

Wit wew! Its so nice outside today, so perfect to stroll and do some chores outside. I did clean our front yard and patio. Hubby's vacuuming the back patio. We will be going to Costco later, get some stuff for the studio and home.
So funny here in denver, today you can wear your shorts and sleeveless then the next day you will be in your jacket. But so far, I love staying here... It's a great place, specially when you're with someone that you love most... walay char! talk to you soon...

sunshine smile

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday weekend!

How's your sunday everyone? Hope its great! We got up late today, sunday is sometimes a lazy day for us, a break! We planned to go to Denve Aquarium later, yeppeeeyyyy!!! We are excited! Gotta go and do some little things in the kitchen, we need to clean our beemeer first before we will head to downtown Denver, talk toy ou soon my fwends!

sunshine smile

Thursday, October 23, 2008

BrrrrrrrrrRRR day!

Oh my goodness! Its so cold and chilly today, which is not my fave! My hubby called me ice cube, because everytime he will hold my hand, its freezing... lOl He likes teasing me, sometimes he will call me shiverring sharon.
I'm in the studio today, not much to do!

sunshine smile

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kansas trip

We had a great time when we're in Kansas, we have helped Dad Jack & Mom Ardath repairing their house. I've been in Dad's apartment for the 1st time, nobody lives there for years so really lots of things to be repaired. The apartment has 4 doors, with living room, kitchen and bathroom.
It's so hard leaving Dad yesterday cause he will be alone and lonely again. We spend 4 days with him and andee his yorky dog. I have some fresh tomato and bell pepper from Dad's little garden. We really had a great time in Kansas, we will be back home again sometime in November.

sunshine smile

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I don't want you to go...

By Kyla, a great singer in Pinas. I am listening to her songs right now, just love listening to lovesongs like this. My hubby is still in his session till 9 tonight. We will be going to Kansas tomorrow with GOD's grace. Our Dad has only 4 months to live on earth, he had brain cancer and its really sad for the family. Though I just meet him for a short time, he is a great dad-in-law to me. He always make coffee and steak for me everytime we visit him.
We should enjoy our everyday life, be thankful to our Dear LORD for giving us a beautiful life and creatures.
I'll be missing Dad Jack, I'll always remember he walk with me to the aisles in our wedding day.

sunshine smile

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

getting up!

I got up early this morning, well.. 8am is not early lOl. We usually get up from bed at 9am if we dont have to go to the studio... but now my hubby and abbey is still sleeping... talk to you soon my friends! have a good one!

sunshine smile

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Its getting chilly outside! BrrRRRrrrrRRr my fave! But I am excited of snow again, just the first day of winter huh?! Update about ym driving lesson, I am getting more confident in my driving right now, thanks to my hubby. Now, I can drive from home to studio, grocery store, recreation center for my jazzercise and everywhere as long as my hubby let me. Still nervous if I'm in the highway with lots of traffic.
Hubby's laughing at me when I say people, people, people.. cause some drivers are just weird!! Well, then, me and my freinds will go to a birthday party later.. tsibugan na naman! hehehehhe talk to you soon fwends!

sunshine smile

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Early bird!

I am an early bird today, need to go to work again! Well, I just go to the studio every Tuesday and Thursday not that bad. Need to take shower now, and get ready 'cause Tammy will pick me up soon. Have a great day my friends!

sunshine smile

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well, geeezzzz louis!!! I got a call from a friend yesterday, we're classmates in college. She finally make it to Florida. When she saw my friendster pictures, she called and told me that my figure right now is a lot different from before! she said I'm getting chubby-chubby! poor thing.... huhuhuhuhu
I told her nope! I'm not!!!! I didn't really notice that I'm gaining.... I told my hubby about my friends reaction, then he said you're not.... I am going to enroll Aerobics, wanna join me? It'll just be here in Westminster Recreation Center. Maybe this will be a great idea... doing some exercise!
My day is fine, stayed in the studio for whole day. I'll be bakc in there again working instead of thursday 'cause Tammy need my help tomorrow. We got a call from a Chiropractor, that he needs 150 cd's for his vaccination interviews.... oh my goodness! That's my job for tomorrow, burning 150 cd's....

sunshine smile