Friday, December 12, 2008

Pasta & Hot Fudge Sundae

Yes! We have pasta with crescent bread for dinner and hot fudge sundae from DQ for dessert. Its chilly out but that chillyness won't stop us to grab hor fudge sundae. It is so deliciouso! hek hek hek!
We plan to watch movie tonight in bed.... so you have a goodnight my fwends!

sunshine smile

Awesome Christmas Party

Yes! We really enjoy Dave and Tess party lastnight... Its really awesome, thanks to Montoya's Family for throwing up a very nice party for Filipino's in Denver. Well, lots of visitor was in the FACC ( Filipino American Community in Colorado) venue.
Dancing, food, drinks and chit chatting with Pinay's! Meet some new friends, which speak same language ( Bisaya ). Everybody enjoyed the said party, Cindy and Robert pick me up at home going to the party and my hubby lovey pick me up at the venue after the party at 10pm.
I love what I got in our exchanging gift too! Have a happy Sunday my fwends.. Bronco's game later!

sunshine smile

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's nice out....

Hi there fwends! How's your day so far? Mine is great, just relaxing.... chatting to my friend on phone. I tried to make " pansit " today for lunch but sad to say I didn't make it right, but its not too bad tho... I still eat it! (kay ako man ang galuto) hek hek hek! I put a lot of salt in my pansit thats why it doesn't taste good...
Hope next time I can make it right, I'm not really good in terms of cooking... but I'm trying!

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Saturday, December 6, 2008


We did inquire for an aerobics lately, and my hubby will enroll me for Jazzercize. I am excited 'cause I really need to loss weight.... Think I'm gaining weight now, The rate per month is $30 and my sched will begin on September 2nd till 30th.
I can't make it into 1st day tho, cause we will watch the Rockies that day, so I can just start on Thursday. You think I can make it?! I'm asking myself.... hek hek hek.. Oh yeah.. I can make it!

sunshine smile

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Upcoming Christmas

Wow! Days are so fast... I just can't believe it! Christmas is coming so soon.. and yeah, New Year too! hummmm wondring what will be my New Years resolution for this year?! Maybe, not being so grumpy to my hubby wehehehehehe! What about you my fwends? What will be yours? Hummmm better think about it now.....
Just got home from the studio.. feeling tired but need to go to my jazzercise @ 6:40 later. Have a goodnight!

sunshine smile