Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our fave food

We have lots of resto fave in town, one is thai house, zo's, jewel of india, playa de oro and east moon. They are all asian restaurant which my hubby love's it too! Some panini resto that we love too are panera bread, spicy pickle, noodles & company, chipotle, quiznos and valente's. I like american food but I can't take off pinoy food in my life, they say: "hinahanap-hanap and lasang pinoy" which is soo true! If I miss eating pinoy food, I just ask my hubby to take me to asian market and boooommmm! My tummy is all happy.... What are your favorite food my friends? Would you like to share it? I'll be waiting... My honey right now is making "goolash" haven't tried that one yet but for sure it's gonna be good! The ingredients are pasta, tomato sauce, ground turkey(pork), salt and onion. I'm starving right now, after dinner we will watch a movie in bed. Have a nighty night my friends!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

our visitor is finally here!

Yup, andy is here and our dog is freaking out. Andy's 3 years old and abbey is 1.. so our dog want s to play and play hahahahha while andy is kind a old girl right now and dont want to play all the time. You know when dog's turned 2 or 3 years old the're getting mellow. While ours, a yellow lab dog ahhhhhhh really wants to play and play. Right now, she's a shadow to andy to where or whichever she goes. I hope we can sleep good tonight with two dogs. Have a goodnight sleep my fwends.. weill see you tomorrow!

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

nothing much to do

I am here in the studio.... nothing much to do lOl! Though its not soo busy, I still get paid waaaaaa! How's your thursday? Hope its great! I bet its so nice outside, little bit windy though. I might go walking around the block later. Got to check my boss if she have something for me. I didn't sleep good lastnight cause my hubby is in the studio hooking up the new computer for the A room... Hope it'll work good before the session will start. Have a good one! Gotta go now..

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mexican for lunch!

Well... my fave steak burrito for lunch yummy yummy yummy! My hubby got breakfast burrito and Tammy had the tacos.. We love mexican actually.... I've heard the Phil. Embassy in Manila is backing off for the interviews because danielle smith, the american who rape nicole was in court right now. Lots pf rallies and traffic all over Manila.
I am going to my jaazercise at 6:35 in Westminster Rec. center, need to brun this burrito fats hehhehee! Its gonna be good though! I am doing this twice a week and it feels really good.

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hard rock cafe

We had our dinner last night at Hard Rock Cafe in 16th street mall. The place is awesome, and busy. We are invited by our office manager and her husband to see a band. Too bad, me and my hubby don't like the food that we ordered lol. Me and my hubby don't want to have a dinner in a noisy place and hard rock cafe is! So we didin't really enjoy our dinner waaaaaaaaaaaaa!
I've been in Jazz @ Jacks twice now, its really cool! Hope my girlfriends can go with us sometime. You'll gonna love it my fwends! We decided to go home @ 11pm 'cause the other couple need to go to work in the morning. While we're on our way to downtown, traffic is really bad. I remember its Celine Dion's concert too at Pepsi Center. We got home and go to bed.... Have a nice Wednesday!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

go for a bike ride!

After my hubby's cleaning the bakcyard, we will go for a bike ride in the neighborhood. I did some laundry today and updating my blogging world. We had popcorn chicken and french fries for lunch, too bad we're out of soda in the fridge, it'll be good to burpy's har har har har! Oppppsss! washer's done.... hang on, I'll be right back!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

glad our prayers was granted!

My older bro was laid off last January, he was working for years in Norwedgian cruiseships. But beacause of low/bad economy in States, he was one of going home in Pinas. He's lucky when he gets into Manila and inquire on his old agency, they are actually hiring. He got hired again to a cruiseship which will be cruisin in states, and he's departure will be on 7th next month. We are so happy that he got a job and travel all over states through his work. God Is So Good... all we have to do is Trust HIM.... for HIM nothing is impossible. Be thankful of what we have....

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Dotsero in Jazz @ Jacks!

We spend our Valentines night in Jazz @ Jacks with my sis-in-law and her fiance. We all had great time, loving the jazz music and so with my Mama.... The place is cool and most member of the Dotsero band are my hubby's friends. Everytime they take a break they always ask my hubby if we are doing great! From the sax, drummer, base and electric guitar to the pianist.. oh my GOD! you'll gotta love it... The sax player is awesome.... you'll really know by looking at him that his enjoying the music they have... they all do! Larry Thompson is the drummer, one of my hubby's fave drummer in town. I met this guy twice now, once in our studio party last year, a good man! The pianist is one of the engineer in the studio, he is the Mastering Engineer. The base ang guitar player have been in the studio too.... hubby had a session on them before. Me and my hubby really enjoyed the night, as in! We got home almost 1:00 in the morning. The drinks? well, I have 3 glasses of Margarita and my hubby had 2. Love this drink too.... I told my hubby, that he's in trouble.. hek hek hek hek! Gotta go now, we have a baby shower party to attend at 2pm. You have agreat Sunday my fwends!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Fly Day!

It's Friday the 13th, do you believe the thoughts about this day?! That we should just stay home because accident or bad things will happen... hek hek hek! Bet its true though, but here in states? nope.... they don't have supertitious beliefs.
Well, my plan for lunch is to have pansit and rice.. mmmmmm yummy yummy! I still have my fried salted fish with tomatoes and onions. Haayyyyyy.... It'll be Hearts Day tomorrow, I'm excited.. we'll gonna watch Jazz band in downtown tomorrow.... You have a great one my fwends!

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I finally found Her!

Yes, finally I found my massager hek hek hek It's been a year since I've been in Jan Massage but I can't still find the best massager for my self. Hubby already got his, and mine?! yeppeyyy got the best massage ever yesterday. It feels so good, my back and neck have been hurting so bad. Glad the receptionist give me their best, one of their best massager. Now I dont have to worry of who else can pamper me if I need one.
We just got up, I had coffee and toast. My hubby had his cereal and orange juice... We might go for a little road trip later and walking with our Abbey Mae. We got her a shock collar too, we'll try if it'll work on her. She needs to go to school for training. We might swing by in PetSmart later to enroll her. You have a great weekend my fwends!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Our First Year Anniversary

We've been married for a YEAR now, yehheyyyy! glad we made it! For sure someone/somebody is betting we can't make it. But look at US now, still together and will be together FOREVER. Me and my hubby celebrate our first year of marriage in EAST MOON Asian Bistro right by Church Ranch and I-70. We planned to go to The Fort Resto but on their winter hours, they are closed on Mondays.
We then have some plans, to Rodizio Grill where we celebrate our Wedding Day, to Cuba Cuba in downtown, or at East Moon Resto. We ended up going in this resto, their food is yummy I assure you, It's not that expensive, its just ok. A simple celebration to a simple people hek hek hek hek!

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