Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Best Satellite Internet

The supervisor answered promptly, and was knowledgable and helpful, although he initially insisted that the modem was not blocking traffic. He finally began an IM conversaiton with level 2 support, and discovered somewhat to his surprise that the modem does in fact block most inbound traffic (which makes sense given the need to protect unsophisticated users). He then relayed instructions for me to login to the modem (I had tried myself, but could not guess their password) and enter my router’s address as a DMZ. Once this change was made, all traffic passed as desired. Initial test VOIP calls were of good quality.

The jury is still out, but based on our initial exterpence, this is a promising technology provided by a reasonably good company. We shall see. The deregulated United States telecommunications industry created competition that built national and international network infrastructures, but it barely scratched the surface of building local communication services. This leaves the largest Wildblue Internet applications and service market still in its fancy, the local wireless Internet. Because these networks are local, they will create local jobs, stimulate local economies and offer applications that will make a difference in our day to day lives. In fact these applications can reduce our dependence on oil, minimize traffic congestion, lower healthcare costs, support public safety and even save lives.These networks will offer the unique capabilities of “anywhere access” to intelligent devices offering new applications with economies never before obtainable. Unlike wireline networks, local wireless mesh radios can actually create on-demand networks from nothing, making them easy to install and ideal for supporting catastrophic emergencies. From wireless home entertainment to intelligent transportation systems, the last wireless mile will offer the applications only limited to the next idea..

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