Monday, September 14, 2009

Hanging in there

In sorrows hands I lay this heart,
shredded by deceit
Etched by tears this love I felt,
now sentenced to deplete

Wicked darkness fills my head,
tumbling ever farther down
In this sea of solemn solitude,
I tread water until I drown

To float upon this cresting pain,
on a bed of nails I lay
In wanton acts of hatred,
I’ve found myself betrayed

Treated as if worthless,
and now discarded is my soul
Rotting on the “sands of time”,
emotions black as coal

Memories of the times we shared,
will always bear my shame
Sacrificed as just a pawn,
lost in a hateful lovers game

And what to be my epitaph,
a poor romantic left to dry
Ashen tears wash over me,
for only dust’s remains to cry

sunshine smile