Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clear Wireless Internet

I ordered the service on a month-to-month basis pending evaluation, and set it up initially in our showroom. The setup involves unpacking the modem, plugging it in, and finding the optimum location. I quickly found it to be very location sensitive. In our front window, the signal was marginal. When we moved it to the back window, the signal was better. The modem must be placed in or near a window to provide an acceptable signal, and must be oriented as instructed.

Yesterday, we turned it up at the customer’s location. Their window gets a 100% signal, and initial speed tests showed it to produce 3 Mb down and 600K up. We turned it up, and Internet connectivity worked well. Our next task was to get it working with a router so that a TalkSwitch phone system on that network could work with WiMaxservice, and communicate to a TalkSwitch at another location. After struggling to get the older router to work, we proceeded to open the necessary holes in the router to allow for the passage of VOIP traffic. No matter what we did, the phone system could not pass its firewall test. I had called Clear support a few times to this point. My calls were always answered by an English-speaking person within 30 seconds, and that person was always at least reasonable knowledgeable. As such, I did not hesitate to call them again. Unfortunately, I hit the first bad agent. She continued to insist that the WIMAX modem blocked no inbound traffic, and that as long as I could get to the Internet, she could not help me. I then insisted on speaking to her supervisor.

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