Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too bad....

My roaming number is not active anymore huhuhuhuhu! My family, relatives and friends can keep in touch with me on my roaming phone but this time, it says its inactive sim. They can save pesos too if this one is working than texting me back on my chikka account. But.. ohhh well that's how it is... I'll just ask mama to buy me a sim card in Pinas and send it to me by mail. Hope it'll work that way too!

I got home early from work today, our office manager is not there for some reason. Her Mom is not in good condition.... Im so happy that I'm done with all my blogging task today. I still have one left, wow! thanks to blogging for giving me bunches of tasks this week. I hope you had a great Thursday!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting to know you

Getting to know my new toy is great, looks like its working so good and I'm enjoying it! I am so glad that my hubby granted my wish... this thing will help me updates my blogs in a convenient way.... I will still use my our desktop in the office upstairs for bloghoppings.

I have a great time today, hang out with girlfriends and with my hubby tonight at the studio. He needs to fix some songs of his client. I might go with him and clean up the windows inside. And update my blogs... I hope you will have a nighty night!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swamp cooler is on!

When I got home from studio today, I noticed that our swamp cooler is already on. WOW! Spring is already here, yeppeeeyyy! My honey ask me while we're on our way home, " is this hot enough for you?" nyahahhaha I really love it.. I just missed the warm weather back in Pinas. We have our new bed today.... It's different from the other kind of bed, the one that we got is all foam, and no spring underneath. It is so comfy....

We both have a slice of banana bread, I didn't go to my jazzercise today 'cause my back is hurting again. Maybe I work so hard yesterday at our backyard, that's why its hurting.... Wel.. anyway.. me and my hubby planned to soak in our hot tub later. It'll be a delightful night for both of us. Have a nighty night, sweetdreams!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

We got a new bed!

             As we were running some errands yesterday, we passed by Mattress King store and they are moving. So we go inside and check what's their good deal. Me and my hubby are looking for an organic bed since last month. We need a new one, for our bed right now is not good like before. Glad we find a great deal at Mattress King, our new bed will be home tomorrow... yahooooooo! I am so excited to sleep in our new one and relax with my honey on my side.. and! our dog.... We let her stay on the bed, but if it's already sleeping time... she will just go down and lay on her own bed. Its so nice outside! Better take advantage of this kind of weather.. well... I already did! lol Have a great Monday!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Snowy TGIF

The rain turns into a snow storm! Whew..... we still need more moisture, and the trees and grass are so happy right now. I'm glad we didn't plant some flowers yet in our backyard. I heard the news these snow storm will be till tomorrow at noon. I hope mister sun will show up, I'd like to have warm weather now. I am so looking forward on that one. We have salad and pizza for dinner. My hubby ask me if I wanna go eat outside, I told him we will just stay home and eat what we have on fridge than spending money in a chilly weather.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rainy Day....

Been raining here now, not too hard though. Its really good for the grass and trees. I hope Mister Sun will give us some smile tomorrow. Me and my hubby planned to clean up the backyard if the weather this weekend is great. We heard on news that we'll gonna have a snow storm here in Denver. Hope not! I'm tired of cold..... I want warm weather..... How's your day today? I'm kind a bumb.... lol

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ATV Rollover Danger

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Pretty good lunch

I have rice and spam for lunch with left over dried fish. I am so full, my tummy is very happy. What did you have for lunch? I hope its yummy too! I planned to do some laundry but we're out of detergent and freshener. I'm waiting for my hubby to come home from studio and drop by at grocery store. I have lots of tasks to do today, I hope I can finish it all. May you have a good Monday!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

HDTV flat screen

We just got home from our little road trip to Kansas. We cleaned up our Dad's boat and trying to sell it online. We already posted the For Sale sign and it's all ready to go! We just hope that we can sell it as soon as possible so we don't have to worry about it. We're celebrating Easter Sunday, at my Mom in Laws house and she give us a very nice orchid. I hope I can make it through.... As we stayed in Mom's house at Larned, I noticed this awesome offer from, it is really good because HD programming continues to grow and trying to meet the demand that those customers who order services at had a chance to win 22” flat screen HDTV every day throughout April. If you've been looking for a cable tv and high speed internet, come and visit and you have a chance to win more prices. Getting a bundling services will save you more bucks, and they are also offering an opportunity to win a grand prize package that includes a 52” LCD flat screen HDTV, a Home Theater System, and one year of free Charter Digital Cable® service with HD programming. Don't you worry if you are already a current customer of Charter because you are automatically entered upon installation to win. Check it out and have a chance to win 52” LCD flat screen HDTV, a Home Theater System, and one year of free Charter Digital Cable® service with HD programming. The company claims to have increased the color range adding a fourth wavelength lamp to the backlighting. Boasting the same sleek black and silver looks, the new panels will integrate an array of inputs such as 3 HDMI ports.



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Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Good Friday is the Friday immediately preceding Easter Sunday. It is celebrated traditionally as the day on which Jesus was crucified. If you are interested in a study of the issue, please see our article that discusses the various views on which day Jesus has crucified Assuming that Jesus was crucified and died on a Friday

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dried Fish at home lol

Oh my god! that's what I heard from my honey the time he smells it nyahahahaha! I fried some dried fish at our back patio yesterday. And I have left over, which I have for lunch today too! When I zap it, the smell is all over the house. It's my honey's first time smelling dried fish hahahahaha I am giggling, really! Then he said oh my god honey.... it's really bad nyahahahahha! But I enjoyed it a lot, I have a yummy left over lunch. What about you? What did you have? Hope is great too! Have fun....

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Best Friends

I will always be there for you,
and I hope you will be there for me too,
for our friendship can never be broken,
I will remain loyal through all the good and the bad,
and in the end we will be glad,
because without you I am nothing,
as you are nothing without me,
we fill the space a lover couldn't fill,
for we hold each others secrets that we would never spill,
and the day you're gone, part of me goes too,
because I wouldn't want to be here with out you,
Best friends forever you and me,
nothing could ever change that; it's destiny!

sunshine smile

Monday, April 6, 2009

What am I doing?

Just checking out my friends blog, blog hop hop and I hope they hop hop on my page too! It so nice outside, I did some pooper scooper at the backyard. Its been a while since we pick some poops for some reasons. Me and my honey cleaned up the filter in our hot tub today, geeezzzzzz because of this cold weather we haven't clean it for I guess 3 weeks now. I'm gonna make mango float later today, we just got home from the vet for our dog's last vaccine and renew her pets insurance. I am doing some laundry while updating my blogs. I'll do the towels today, its not too bad though. Tonight we might just stay home for dinner, I'll think about it of what its gonna be. My honey is at the studio to sign up some checks.... have a good one my fellow bloggers! Thanks for visiting, here I am visiting you all back!

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

A very nice Sunday!

We had a great Sunday 'cause we made it to hear mass.. nothings really compare if you give some of your time in church. And its Palm Sunday... such a great time! I forgot to tell my hubby lovey that the mass will be little bit longer than usual. You know Lenten Season's masses are longer than regular. After the mass, we go grab lunch and ran some errands. We go to Costco for the studio stuff.... It is chilly today... I just can't wait to have warm weather with shorts and sleeves on... We might go back to Kansas and visit our Mom, we need to sell our Dad's boat too. How's your day my friend? Hope its GREAT too.... have a nighty night!

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Windy out....

We are thinking we will gonna go snow shovel this morning.. but ah ah ah! Nope.. it's really just a light snow here. But for sure at the mountain side it'll be lots and lots of snow. I stay in bed till 10am today.. ahhhhhhhh my eyes is getting blurry for staying long in pc. It is so windy outside, I can hear it from the inside. Today is kind a boring... but I'll make it rocking! My honey is running some errands, he ask me if I wanna go. I choose to stay home than going outside with wind blowing and chillyness lol! We don't have plans for tomorrow, hope it'll be nice. I have lots of clothes to iron but I'm not in the mood yet to hold the steaming iron. hahahahhaha! Have a good one my friends!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

I surely missed my family

How I wish my native land is just an hour away from here. After a year and five months of staying here in states... surely 100% of missing them all. With my honey's hugs and kisses and my girlfriends around keeps me going on. Living in America is great! We always have this feeling of missing our family back home, which is normal. I am so glad that this blogging world is here, it makes me busy on updating my page. Earning money while just staying home, having more online friends specially same origins. This is actually cool! Later, I'll clean up the house and do some laundry. My honey is running up the business, I might look on concerts too online. Sometime... Somewhere.. Sooner... We will visit my family back home. Have a very nice Friday to all!

sunshine smile

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Going to my jazzercise class

Hello there friendships! How's it going?! I'll visit you back later okies? I am going to my jazz class at 6:30pm soon. And I'll be back to visit you guys! Thank you for visiting my page, I do really appreciate it! yahoooo! Thanks to all! Talk you later....

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's April fools day!

I got my honey a little bit for April fools day! He drop me off at my girlfriend's house at 9am today for the girls have a little gathering and munching. So when I remembere it April fools day, I called him and said " Honey can you pick me up? he said " why? something wrong? I told him, my friend and I had an argument... and the he said... hummmm it's april fools day! lol I didn't get him! But all well I had a great time with my girlfriends, eating and videoke. We have lots of food.. and for sure leftover too! I hope I grab some leftover and bring it home. But we need to get out there and do our grocery shopping. It snowed today, but all is good now. The news said it'll snow again on friday... it'll be a snowy TGIF then... oki doki.. have a goodnight my friends!

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