Friday, August 29, 2008

Miniature golf and go cars....

Late this afternoon, my hubby bring me to have some fun. I told him I wanna try the go cars and we finally did it! We play "pot-pot" too...
The place is so gorgeous, their flowers are so fantastic! I'm wondering how they take care of theirs, its really awesome!

For dinner, we had fettucini alfredo and a toast of bread... our fave! Better go now fwends, we plan to play backgammon in bed... see yah around!

sunshine smile

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great Wall Chinese Buffet

Yesterday, lunch time we go to Great Wall Buffet right by Lakewood, its my first time in this restaurant and I'm loving it. I had shrimp, rice, veggies, meat, chicken and egg noodle soup. Everything in here taste so good, thats why some of my friends would love to come by in this restaurant.
I told my hubby about this, and he said we go there sometime soon. I really love seafood, makes my eyes big and excited when I saw the shrimp.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008


We did some walking tonight, after dinner. Speaking of dinner, mmmmmm! yummy yummy thai house restaurant. Well, its supposed to be our Thursday dinner but hubby is craving for Red curry and Pad see yew noodles....
We always try to take Abbey for walk so she will be use seeing other people or to be with some other dogs. She is still have that puppy attitude that'll go jumping and jumping everytime she meet other people.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is it Fall or Summer?!

Oh my goodness! It is so chilly outside.. its like fall or winter! Everytime I let Abbey out, I need to go downstairs with her, cause for sure she will not go pee-pee.. maybe she's little bit scared of raindrops Its so chilly, I got goosebump! hek hek hek.....
Missed my hubby now, he's in the studio working till 4, anyways just an hour away then he'll be home.... Need to turn on the heater now... bRRRrrrrrr! talk to you later my fwends.....

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Veggie Korma and spicy Chicken Curry

We had our dinner in Jewel of India, one of our fave! Some people dont like it because of the spicy's that they used, but we love it! My hubby had veggie korma and mine is chicken curry. After my hubby's session today, he called me up to get ready for dinner outside. While we're on our way, we had three choices of where to go, ZO's, Thai House or Jewel of India.... I said, well I missed Jewel of India honey, so its granted! hek hek hek hek!
A very happy tummy! Finally home, and watch the Olympics, USA did so great! The gilrs made it to Gold and Silver medal for gymnastics, awesome! While we're watching got a call from a friend, and the chikahan started. While I'm in the phone, hubby decided to grab some hot fudge sundae in dairy queen... so I told my friend whose in the line that I better hang up.... just craving for an ice cream!
We made it to dairy queen, we're lucky they are still open. It's like 9:30 pm when we're heading there. We just want to grab one hot fudge sundae but the guy made a mistake for our order. Hubby just want it without peanuts, but the guy in dairy queen put some peanuts on it. So he said, just take that one and I'll give you another one. hek hek hek hek! It is too much for us, having one each cause it's too sweet but yummy!
A very nice night, nighty night my fwends... think its gonna rain tonight, little bit chilly outside. It's like fall is coming.... I'm not ready yet for some snow....

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

home sweet home from vacation

Finally and thank GOD we made it home safe from our vacation in Kansas... We really enjoyed even thoug we just spend 4 days in my parents in law's hometown.
Been in a car for almost 6 hours road trip... I will show you the pictures soon my fellow blogger. I just can't make it tonight 'cause the bed and the pillows are calling me.. hek hek hek! been a long time, haven't check my bloggy thing.
So talk to you later ha! Nighty night....

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Girls, you've got to see this!

Just got home from AMC Theater watching the "Tropic Thunder". Oh my golly! This movie is so GREAT! It is so funny.... you think they're so serious in the scene, but what a heck! You will really giggling... You got to see this movie. Tom Cruise is in this movie too.... you can figure it out who is who in the ending. This movie will be in theater on 15th this month.... I assure you, it is worth it!

Finally its raining! me and my hubby been waiting for some rain... Our backyard is so dry right now... Been so hot for days and grass is getting dry. Glad rain surely comes... still sprinkling outside.. it'll be nice to cuddle up tonight! Have a goodnight my friends!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Recreation Center in Westminster

After my work in the studio today, me and my hubby check out the two recreation center here in Westminster. The first one we check is just a walking distance from home.... They have swimming pool, raquetball court, sauna (steaming room), and working out gym. This one is pretty near, and its $40 per month for those who are residents. We go to the other recreation center which is still in Westminster, this one is bigger than the other and more amneties. While we're roaming and checking around, I saw some ladies doing the aerobics and I love it! I told my hubby to enroll me in aerobics.... It'll be awesome cause while doing the aerobics you'll be dancing too.... it'll be good for the body....

This coming weekend, we will go for a road trip going to Kansas. We will visit my parents in law, and help Mom for some chores. We will stay in Dad's camper on saturday night with our Abbey. And Dad will make a steak for me! yeeepeeeyyy.... I am really craving for a steak....
We will be in Kansas till Tuesday.... I am not sure if I can still do my blogging thingy when we're there. My sister in law and her kids will be there too.... It'll be a great vacation for us! Till next time my fellow blogger....

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