Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My dream watch

A very interesting item and would make for a very interesting watch. I've often said that while the Tag Heuer looks much more modern and seemingly is more rugged due to it's armor like watch when compared to the Cartier, this watch appearance does often look good on a strap. This watch style nearly cries out to be on a bracelet. With Movado we see a method to have a cross-bred version of a watch that might look a little more handsome on a leather strap.

I had hoped that a firm operating from a fresh sheet with refined and focused product line could survive the competition. Luxury watches cease production of mechanical watches several years ago to focus it's energies on the high end quartz powered niche. I am a big fan of watches , which epitomize so well will likely age very gracefully, their modernistic lines and styling cues.


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