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Eye lids perform the highly important function of protecting the eyes from dirt, airborne debris, and environmental elements. With such an important job, there is reasonable potential that some eye lid irritation and/or infection can occur. A common complaint is dry scaly lids, eye lid dermatitis, which can result from anything that comes in contact with the lid, such as makeup, removers, lotions, and even hand products like creams or nail polish. Itchiness can also occur from environmental allergies such as pollen or pet dander, or from using irritating eye products. Inflammation of the oil glands, blepharitis, which resembles dandruff occurs when they are clogged, and can also occur during menstruation or pregnancy. When eyelash follicles become inflamed, sties or pimples can occur. Safe products to recommend for the sensitive eye lid areas are scarce, but some favorite eyecream, which is suitable for contact lens wearers. Remember that eye brows can be colored (tinted) and styled just like hair. Eye brow gels are growing in popularity as they add shine, condition, and hold eye brows just where you want them. The eye products in this review are recommended to minimize further damage to the sensitive eye area, to reduce the appearance of existing damage, and to maximize the radiance of the eyes.

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