Monday, June 22, 2009

Dementia Guide

It seems to me each primary care practice should have a dedicated professional caseworker to follow up patient needs that extend beyond the practice walls, like hospitals already have. I am sure many caregivers would welcome the help and counsel of someone familiar with the community services and an open line of communication to those service providers. And by the understanding dementia, experts, this integrated, collaborative approach is needed to address a wide variety of health issues, not just dementia symptoms.

Being diagnosed does not mean they are instantly incapable of running our lives. I know some are diagnosed quite late in the disease and are already incapacitated. There are dementia treatment, changes and hope for the future and while we will all die as a result of dementia, we are not all as close to death as you might think. I do not mean to say it is not challenging at times and difficult, I do mean to say that many of us have quite a bit left to give and live.

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