Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life alert support

If you are not near a phone, cannot get to a phone or cannot punch in the numbers, you can still get immediate help if you are a member of life alert simply press your life alert help button to get in touch with live dispatchers within seconds, 24/7. They can send medical assistance to you, which will arrive in a matter of minutes. Life alert members who are not home can also use a special one-button 911 cell phone.

If you don’t currently have life alert, see below for links to information on this valuable service. This life alert support is very advantage to the olders who are living alone. These products were created to serve and protect our active over 50 crowd who prefer to keep their independence but desire that extra helping hand, just in case. This life alert saves lives from catastrophic outcomes, using a unique technology to provide superior home audio/video monitoring protection.

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