Monday, June 22, 2009


I almost felt as though I could perform the surgery myself if given the opportunity. My self esteem and confidence, in a matter of nearly a two week period, has gone through the roof. I feel 100% complete now as a woman. For the first time in my life, I feel absolutely sexy and vivacious. I have always been a very petite woman and very self conscience about my weight. My surgery went very well and my doctor and his crew were absolutely the best. I had gone to two plastic surgeons and chose to have the second doctor I saw to perform my surgery. The reason was the second doctor had so much more experience and also was a professor and taught plastic surgery. I couldn't have asked for a better experience than the one I had. My breasts were feeling so engorged and tight and I was in a bit of pain and I honestly broke down and sobbed but it lasted only 15 minutes. I chose to go to my bath room and look at myself in the full length mirror and remember why I did this. After that, smooth sailing. I did not expect to feel this great so soon after surgery but I do. I have followed my Breast Augmentation exactly as he requested and I feel this is the key to a successful recovery and outcome. I decided, and to each his own, to only let a very few of my family and friends know I was having this done. I took a few days off from work and the gentleman that I date, took me to my surgery and took care of me for 3 days following the surgery. He was the best. To those of you who are considering this, I can only tell you about my experience and it was one of the best events of my life. The way I feel about myself now as a woman is complete satisfaction and as I stated prior, my self esteem shot through the roof.

sunshine smile