Monday, June 22, 2009


Yup, that’s what it claims, and after a little of my own research I feel good about passing that claim onto you. The most sustainable species of bamboo, which re-grows extremely quickly. Even its amber finish is made through a non toxic process. You know I love green, so this collection is something I’m happy to have found and to be sharing with you. is known for being fun to assemble and has been around for awhile. They claim each piece can be assembled in less than 3 minutes with no tools required. Hard to believe at first, but after checking out a brief video online it looks extremely easy, which is good because I don’t go well with putting things together. This is a new addition to their product line-up, and includes a lot of desks and office solutions, as well as bookcases, media stands, and tables. Get yourself some of this eco-friendly Modern Furniture and feel good about more than the way it looks. I know I will once I break down and get myself that corner desk. Challenges included lacing in and finishing the new oak kitchen floor to blend seamlessly with the original 90-year-old oak floors found everywhere else. The oven cabinet also required careful modification to bypass the top two steps to the landing above that were hidden in a soffit.

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