Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Staining the fence

I've been staining the fence since this morning, glad that task is completely done. Now, that we already stained our backyard fence, we can plant more flowers. Maybe we will do that this coming weekend. Our weekend might be a little bit busy, on Saturday a friend of ours invited me and my hubby to her husband's birthday. So I hope my honey don't have something on that day, I already inform him and he will just check the studio schedule book.

Right now, I am updating my blog. It's blogging time for Sunshine Smile, thank to all who visited my page. I hope google will give me some justice so I can signed this up to paid post website. I'll be working at the studio tomorrow. I made a mistake in our deposit last week, we just find it out when we are closing the month of April yesterday, my bad! Tammy said its all good now, waaaaaaaaaaaa! Next time I need to double check or triple check before I'll send it to the bank.

How's your day so far? It's very nice out! Hope you will have a great Tuesday afternoon.

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was here for you....