Thursday, May 21, 2009

Convenient Movie Rental

One of our routine on weekends is to rent a couple of movies at BLOCKBUSTER. We always find the movies that we love to watch at this place. Blockbuster will be squeezed by video rental kiosks that deliver “self-destructing” movies via flash drives. These kiosks can hold thousands of movie titles that are never out-of-stock and can upload them to portable keys in mere seconds, think ATMs for video rental.

Using online delivery mechanisms and direct-to-customer models like video kiosks the efficiencies ultimately lie in cutting out the video store middleman. Blockbuster last month when it started selling a set-top box that could download movies and play them on a television. Internet connection in most homes in the United States will not be fast enough to make downloading movies a satisfying experience. Blockbuster is starting to sell a selection of Blu-ray players, portable video devices, Sony e-book readers and other electronics.


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