Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Monday, just Monday!

We have fun today at our dog's training class. Its my turn this week, and next will be my honey. He said I did a good job. Yahooo! Our dog is really learning a lot with her class. She's doing so good, there is still times that she gets so excited... which is puppy do. She's not a puppy anymore though but she's still have that attitude. She is now 16 months old, we are worried about her a while ago because she's been throwing up. We are thinking that's because of her new dry and wet food. We picked up adult food right now, but I think she doesn't like it.

I have a very good lunch today, I have ampalaya(bittermelon) with pork belly and salted fish(uyap) on it. With a sprinkle of ground pepper.. mmmmmm yummmy! I have for my dinner too.. and I still have little bit leftover for tomorrow's dinner. I'll be in the studio tomorrow, we might be busy for closing the month. Anyway... you girlfriends have a great Tuesday ahead!

sunshine smile