Friday, May 29, 2009

Looking for cars....

The pickup in the car is pretty mediocre, though I would not call it dangerous, there is enough power to get on the freeway without getting smushed. However, it is disappointing that this small and under-powered engine is simultaneously weak on gas mileage. I am getting a Volvo car, which is certainly better than my navigator, but low given how much smaller the car is and how small the engine is, for sure it got at least 20. The honda fit would be the perfect car.

The acura car maneuvers and parks really well, especially with the ultrasonic sensors when backing up.The fit and finish is really nice. The ford fusion car’s exterior looks pretty good, its actually remarkably similar to the other cars. The car handles pretty well, particularly with the AWD (all-wheel drive) and is a hell of lot better at cornering than the large SUV’s.

sunshine smile