Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's movie time!

Right now I am watching HG TV while waiting for my honey, he's in the shower then we will watch movie titled "the perfect witness". We rented a dollar movie at Micky D, very cheap and cool. It has been gloomy all day, I hope mister sun will shine his smile tomorrow, we have lots of plans to do in the backyard.

The guy who will fix our flower pot, will show us his plan tomorrow. If we'll gonna like it... the he will start working so we can plant flowers. How was your day end up? Some of my friends are watching boxing right now. Me and my hubby didn't go because we are not so fanatic of boxing. A friend of mine will just text me after the fight of who made it.

Have a nightie night to all!

sunshine smile


buzzin'bug said...

waz up, girl? hope all's well with you. have a blessed week! :)