Monday, April 20, 2009

We got a new bed!

             As we were running some errands yesterday, we passed by Mattress King store and they are moving. So we go inside and check what's their good deal. Me and my hubby are looking for an organic bed since last month. We need a new one, for our bed right now is not good like before. Glad we find a great deal at Mattress King, our new bed will be home tomorrow... yahooooooo! I am so excited to sleep in our new one and relax with my honey on my side.. and! our dog.... We let her stay on the bed, but if it's already sleeping time... she will just go down and lay on her own bed. Its so nice outside! Better take advantage of this kind of weather.. well... I already did! lol Have a great Monday!

sunshine smile


Badet said...

Hurray for the new bed! I hope the dog doesn't disturb you and your hubby's quiet time together. =)

Sunshine Smile said...

Thanks Badet for dropping by... Our little girl (yellow lab) is getting better now.. she know.... lol