Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swamp cooler is on!

When I got home from studio today, I noticed that our swamp cooler is already on. WOW! Spring is already here, yeppeeeyyy! My honey ask me while we're on our way home, " is this hot enough for you?" nyahahhaha I really love it.. I just missed the warm weather back in Pinas. We have our new bed today.... It's different from the other kind of bed, the one that we got is all foam, and no spring underneath. It is so comfy....

We both have a slice of banana bread, I didn't go to my jazzercise today 'cause my back is hurting again. Maybe I work so hard yesterday at our backyard, that's why its hurting.... Wel.. anyway.. me and my hubby planned to soak in our hot tub later. It'll be a delightful night for both of us. Have a nighty night, sweetdreams!

sunshine smile


katiebug said...

mingaw noon ko amo swamp cooler sa among balay sa bukid. hay, buhay as in life jud! :)