Sunday, April 5, 2009

A very nice Sunday!

We had a great Sunday 'cause we made it to hear mass.. nothings really compare if you give some of your time in church. And its Palm Sunday... such a great time! I forgot to tell my hubby lovey that the mass will be little bit longer than usual. You know Lenten Season's masses are longer than regular. After the mass, we go grab lunch and ran some errands. We go to Costco for the studio stuff.... It is chilly today... I just can't wait to have warm weather with shorts and sleeves on... We might go back to Kansas and visit our Mom, we need to sell our Dad's boat too. How's your day my friend? Hope its GREAT too.... have a nighty night!

sunshine smile


Pinaymeh said...

Me and my husband had a perfect Sunday.... visiting here!

robyn said...

good to know that you had a nice sunday. :) hope you will have a wonderful week as well! tc and stay beautiful! :)