Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too bad....

My roaming number is not active anymore huhuhuhuhu! My family, relatives and friends can keep in touch with me on my roaming phone but this time, it says its inactive sim. They can save pesos too if this one is working than texting me back on my chikka account. But.. ohhh well that's how it is... I'll just ask mama to buy me a sim card in Pinas and send it to me by mail. Hope it'll work that way too!

I got home early from work today, our office manager is not there for some reason. Her Mom is not in good condition.... Im so happy that I'm done with all my blogging task today. I still have one left, wow! thanks to blogging for giving me bunches of tasks this week. I hope you had a great Thursday!

sunshine smile


katiebug said...

sorry to hear about uy workmate's mom. my prayers that she can tackle this phase in her life.