Monday, March 2, 2009


That's what we have right now as we are doing our own things in our home office. I am busy browsing on the internet and of course my blogging world, while my honey is making a pre-amp for the studio. I finally make it to my jazzercise class lately with my honey's encouragement. I am so excited for tomorrow's affair, I mean chikahan with my girlfriends. We well cook some Pinoy food like tanghon, lauyang baka, fried fish, shrimp, ginataan and well.... dried fish! We always have dried fish, our appetizer. My day at the studio if great, I meet some old clients which is my honey's friends. A guy from other state who works in Genelec Company, stop by and check out the studio. The studio is really book despite of what happened in our economy, thank GOD really for all the blessings. I hope you will have a nighty night my friends, we will get up early tomorrow. My honey will take to Cindy's house early because he had a session at 9am. See yah then...

sunshine smile