Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our fave food

We have lots of resto fave in town, one is thai house, zo's, jewel of india, playa de oro and east moon. They are all asian restaurant which my hubby love's it too! Some panini resto that we love too are panera bread, spicy pickle, noodles & company, chipotle, quiznos and valente's. I like american food but I can't take off pinoy food in my life, they say: "hinahanap-hanap and lasang pinoy" which is soo true! If I miss eating pinoy food, I just ask my hubby to take me to asian market and boooommmm! My tummy is all happy.... What are your favorite food my friends? Would you like to share it? I'll be waiting... My honey right now is making "goolash" haven't tried that one yet but for sure it's gonna be good! The ingredients are pasta, tomato sauce, ground turkey(pork), salt and onion. I'm starving right now, after dinner we will watch a movie in bed. Have a nighty night my friends!

sunshine smile