Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Salad for dinner

We have salad for dinner with chips and guacamole on the side. After my jazzercise me and my hubby are both asking each other of what will gonna have for dinner. When we got home at 5pm today, we then grab some pasta with pesto sauce and a peice of toast. We always do that in order to keep us going. Me on my jazzercise and my honey and our dog for their walking at the recreational center while waiting on me. So..... we then headed to wholefoods market and grab some salad and other things. Our day is prettygood, kind a chilly out but the sun is up shining! I work whole day at the studio, paperworks, students, banking and work orders. Its really fun hanging out at our own biz... I hope and hope and hope that the studio will keep on kicking depsite of our economy right now. Have a goodnight my friends!

sunshine smile


Anonymous said...

I love salad too.. me and my hubby's fave! It is really good for your health.