Thursday, February 26, 2009

hard rock cafe

We had our dinner last night at Hard Rock Cafe in 16th street mall. The place is awesome, and busy. We are invited by our office manager and her husband to see a band. Too bad, me and my hubby don't like the food that we ordered lol. Me and my hubby don't want to have a dinner in a noisy place and hard rock cafe is! So we didin't really enjoy our dinner waaaaaaaaaaaaa!
I've been in Jazz @ Jacks twice now, its really cool! Hope my girlfriends can go with us sometime. You'll gonna love it my fwends! We decided to go home @ 11pm 'cause the other couple need to go to work in the morning. While we're on our way to downtown, traffic is really bad. I remember its Celine Dion's concert too at Pepsi Center. We got home and go to bed.... Have a nice Wednesday!

sunshine smile