Saturday, February 7, 2009

I finally found Her!

Yes, finally I found my massager hek hek hek It's been a year since I've been in Jan Massage but I can't still find the best massager for my self. Hubby already got his, and mine?! yeppeyyy got the best massage ever yesterday. It feels so good, my back and neck have been hurting so bad. Glad the receptionist give me their best, one of their best massager. Now I dont have to worry of who else can pamper me if I need one.
We just got up, I had coffee and toast. My hubby had his cereal and orange juice... We might go for a little road trip later and walking with our Abbey Mae. We got her a shock collar too, we'll try if it'll work on her. She needs to go to school for training. We might swing by in PetSmart later to enroll her. You have a great weekend my fwends!

sunshine smile