Saturday, August 22, 2009

Great uniforms online

Due to the reasons above, many companies complete their employees with uniforms when they are doing their job inside or outside the company. They design the uniform as the representative of their company products and to enhance the company images. To design and make the uniform is very easy because they can ask many companies which give making uniform service. They not only offer traditional uniforms, they also offer what they refer to as corporate casual attire for businesses, and protective clothing such as coveralls. There’s very nice polo shirts with or without your companies logo, add to that a nice pair of khaki’s and you’ve got very nice work wear that again, you don’t have to launder. Some safety equipment or protective apparel must be worn by employees as a matter of law. Proper safety equipment such as goggles, gloves or other accessories or apparel must always be provided by the employer. The employee can either maintain the uniform itself, or pay the employee a weekly maintenance allowance of an hour's pay at minimum wage, provided that an hour's pay is a reasonable estimate of the time necessary to maintain coveralls properly. It is reasonable to require employees to maintain uniforms requiring minimal care, such as washing and tumble drying, without reimbursement; however, special care, such as ironing, dry cleaning or separate laundering because of heavy soiling or special color, must be reimbursed to non-exempt employees. An employer may never impose a financial burden on employees, with respect to purchasing or maintaining clothing, which would reduce the employees' wage rate below the minimum wage. The empire waist top with contrasting trim has become a popular style lately and so we have added one to our collection in beautiful fall colors and luxurious.

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