Saturday, August 8, 2009

All for your kitchen

Keeping an eye out while you’re in local kitchens and asking questions might lead you to something more jk adams. If you can find them, items made from jk adams wine rack derived from agriculture endeavors like Apple or Olive are great. If you buy inexpensive jk adams cutting board items that come with no explanation of their species or origin, you might be buying something that was harvested unsustainably. We have several spatulas and spoons made of olive wood.

After considering the many tasks performed in your kitchen, turn your thoughts to where and how the related utensils should be stored. If you simply toss random utensils in a jk adams pot rack or jk adams spice rack you'll have to sort though the entire collection, just to find the one you want. If you plan to store your utensils in drawers you'll find divider trays indispensable. They come in plastic and metal and fit neatly inside of a drawer. The best part is they have separate sections for forks, knives, and spoons. For larger utensils individual trays also come in handy.

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