Friday, July 10, 2009

Your course hero

Course hero was built to provide students and key learning partners like professors a platform to share, meet and collaborate while accelerating their comprehension of course-related theories and concepts. The site claims to provide access to thousands of pages of study materials, notes and resources. On one hand, the Psych Lecture Note are a great way for students to learn from each other, to investigate what they got wrong on a test, to find the correct solution to math equations they missed. On the other, it can be a strong temptation to cheat.

A Course Hero is that kid in class who always sits front row, answers every damn question, takes notes on his Psych Exam even when there's no need for notes and makes everyone else feel guilty for not taking notes. You know, there are other activities I do with my Macbook besides jerk it. Sometimes, I study. Study for class.

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