Monday, July 20, 2009

Two-Way Voice from ADT

Enjoy the freedom of being able to take your morning jog or walk the dog without carrying keys or remotes. With the Slimline Hardwired Combination Garage Door Keypad, the only key you’ll need is the 6-digit code you carry in your head. The code is completely user-programmable in three easy steps, and can be easily changed at any time you wish.”It looks like a handy device. Home security is considered too: if anyone stands out there trying to guess your code, the garage door lock turns off after one minute, so they won’t have time to futz around very long.If someone in your family is often losing the house keys, or you’d just like to be able to enter your home through the garage (without dragging the clunky remote with you), you might look into a adt system door lock. Some folks prefer a hidden safe, but when it comes to gun safes, where you want easy access in an emergency, you’re probably not going to place this in some obscure corner of your house. You may want a unit you can place prominently, something that is attractive enough that you won’t mind looking at it every day.More important than looks, the Stack On gun safe is a solid piece of equipment. “With 7, large-action steel locking bolts and 3 solid steel dead bolts on the hinge side of the door, it offers 10 locking points for dependable security. It utilizes an electronic lock that includes a time out period after 3 incorrect attempts.”

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