Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's nice out!

Yes it is! I didn't know till my hubby called and told me its nice out. So what I did is hang outside and do some chores. Great sun in my skin, Abbey's playing too and of course barking with the other dogs next door. I clean up the filters in our hot tub, water the little trees, put some water in bird tub, re-planting and putting some stuff in the bird food. I take off our christmas lights too in our front patio. Atleast I did something today lOl and not just "sitting pretty" well, I am not pretty.... not that much
Now, I am listening to imeem songs.... preferably tagalog songs.... just enjoying, relaxing after doing some stuff. Oh, I am so excited! My family back in Pinas send me some canned goods that I really like.... food food food! Bro says I'll get it in two weeks..... yeppeyyyy... so excited to have those and eating time again... How's your day so far? Hope it's great!

sunshine smile