Saturday, January 10, 2009

grumpy to smiley face!

That is me! When I got up this morning, feels like its the end of the world hahahahahha! well, maybe because my monthly visitor is coming soon, I always feel this way. So then, I started my morning with my grumpy face. I didn't grab any breakfast, didn't even prepare one for my hubby, so bad! I boot up the pc and checked my mails, FS and blogging world. My hubby decided to go for a walk with Abbey and of course I didn't go.... lOl
After checking my stuff online, I did iron some clothes, my fave! wehehehhehe! It's not too bad tho, after ironing the clothes I grab my leftover "humba" and rice. While I'm having my so called breakfast and lunch munch, I watched movie called " My daughter's secret" its a good one, you better watch it!
Shawie finally smile, hahahahahha! My hubby told me that we will take our box for my family in Pinas to Manila Express. I did drive from home to Aurora, isn't that cool? It's my first time getting gas and going inside the car wash, it's a little bit tricky going in. But my hubby guides me....
After dropping off the box in the said place, we go to Cherry Creek Mall. Amazing! lots of good stuff in there! My hubby makes my day smiley.... He alwasys have great patience for me... he will just call me crazy girl. I am so thankful to GOD for the blessings that HE give us..... Salamat Kaayo, Sr. Santo Nino... Pit Senior!

sunshine smile