Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great Weekend!

It's so awesome in America on how they celebrate their Halloween, I really enjoyed giving candies to the little kids with their costumes in. Halloween here is a lot different from the place I used to live, but for me, its more fun in Pinas 'cause lots of food to eat like, binignit, puto-maya, biko and other else.
Sunday, I was going to attend the baby shower of my co-filipina but sad to say I didn't make it! My hubby had cough and cold for 3 days now, so I decided to stay home. While we're checking the tourist spots here in Denver, we found out that the Denver Zoo is open to the public. We did some walking first in Jame Baker's Lake with our Abbeymae and grab some lunch and head to Denver Zoo. We just left our dog home, cause for sure dog's are not allowed.
It is so cool that they open it to the public, lots of kids enjoyed it. Thanks to the manager or whoever people manage the Denver Zoo, it is so advantage to those people who can't afford to pay the entrance, including us... hek hek hek!
We're having rice and steamed veggies for dinner, plus our left-over in Asian-Mexican Restaurant last night,, you have a goodnight my friends! Talk to you soon...

sunshine smile