Friday, September 5, 2008

Tropical Grill and Vedeoke

Oh wow! We really had fun tonight! A friend of mine pick me up and we go to Tropical Grill right by Aurora. We had very nice dinner, with her parents and Angelina. We had rice, noddles, "bopis"? and daing! Ohhh really makes my tummy happy
I have been in this restaurant before, this is the first ever Philippine Restaurant since I got her in Denver. I have no idea we're going to the same place cause that was last year when me and my hubby had a blast dinner before.
When I recognize the place, I told my friend that I remember this restaurant . Wow! All the workers, specially the cook are Filipino. I heard their chef talking in our own language, and we ask him if he's Bisaya and he said "oo"! While were introducing ourselves, and when I heard he's the same island like mine. Holly Molly.... we live in the same island and he told me he has been in our town many times! He even knows my neighborhood! Wow! what a small world.... I am so happy meeting him.... ahhhhhh feels like I am just in Pinas......
Ohhh my... me and zima enjoys the vedeoke, its like we're giving our very best in singing " Isang Linggong Pag-ibig "!

sunshine smile